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Community Meeting #1


Community Meeting #1


On February 10, 2021, the City invited residents to participate in a live webinar and discussion on housing challenges and possibilities. Community input and feedback gathered during this event will help define the priorities for housing in our City and influence future housing policies. The webinar slideshow presentation is now available in both English and Spanish.

Community Meeting #1

Webinar Recording

The video recording of the webinar portion of the meeting, which provides the background on the Housing Element and summarizes progress made on the current Housing Element Goals, as well as key needs assessment data, is available for viewing on the City’s YouTube Channel. Both the English and Spanish recordings are available.

Questions & Answers Summary

During the webinar portion of the meeting, participants were able to type in questions in the Zoom Q and A feature.  You can access the complete list of Questions and Answers here.

Breakout Group Notes

After the informational webinar, participants joined a meeting where they were assigned to one of four breakout groups to discuss housing needs within the context of the current Housing Element’s Goals and Actions.  Each group had a facilitator and notetaker. A bullet point summary of each group’s discussions and takeaways is provided here.

Live Poll Results

Community members responded to bilingual polls in English and Spanish that were launched live during the webinar portion of the event. Both the polls and community members’ aggregated responses are provided here.

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